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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boras Bingo, Derek Lowe and the Mets

One thing is clear about Scott Boras: nothing's changed.

For those that saw Omar Minaya interviewed on the new MLB Network, it's clear that he is in deep thought about his starting pitching options and the weak free agent crop.

This much is known: Derek Lowe is his #1 target, Omar and the Mets have a price in mind, and Scott Boras has quite another price in mind for his client.

To date the Mets have offerred $36M over 3 years. Boras wants $16M a year, for at least 4 years, for his client and "claims" to have several teams interested in that price point.

I say, "Bullshit".

MLB market reality points to a scenario in which Derek Lowe might get $14M a year for 4 years, but at his age the 4th year is quite the sticking point with basically all of the remaining clubs that have shown an interest for his services.

In this morning's NY Daily News, the headline blares, "Mets may miss out on Lowe!" It's as if the club most likely to sign the starter is suddenly out of the running because Boras is doing his job in trying to maximize the contract for his client.

The facts say otherwise.

1. This is a business, and businessmen are doing the negotiating.
2. The sides aren't as far apart as it seems.
3. Both Boras and the Mets are being patient, as they should.

If Boras, as he claims, truly had an offer close to what he's seeking for Lowe, he'd have already jumped at it. The Phils, a team Boras has leaked as a likely suitor, simply don't need Lowe for that money. They have 4 great starters locked up and a slew of arms competing for the 5th spot.

The Mets will land Lowe, of that I'm certain. It will just take a bit more time, a bit more Boras Bingo, and a bit more money.

3 years at $42M guaranteed and a club option 4th year for $16M is the most likely scenario.

It's just a matter of time.

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