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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mets Morning Musings: The Rumor Mill

There are a lot of Mets rumors out there right now, and some of them are written as facts. It seems as if every tidbit that one writer generates causes every other writer and blogger to go into copycat mode immediately.

Some of these folks are friends of mine, so any criticism is not a calling out per se, but rather a look at the state of affairs in the world of Mets Blogospheres.

To whit: Ken Davidoff, a very good reporter, writes, "Confident Mets Will Not Raise Offer to Lowe, source says." The headline purports to have some very inside information. But wait, what is this source that Ken has? See if you can glean it from the only reference made to him/her in Davidoff's piece.

"The Mets, confident that they have no serious competition for Derek Lowe's services, do not intend to raise their three-year, $36-million offer to the righthander at this time, a person informed of the club's thinking told Newsday."

Wait a minute, a "person informed of the club's thinking"? What does that even mean? Who is this mystery "person informed of the clubs thinking"?

If you read Davidoff's piece, I guess that all of us are now "people informed of the clubs thinking."

But there's more--Newsday's Kat O'Brien, yes the same paper Ken Davidoff writes for, had this piece only yesterday, "Mets Talks with Lowe to Heat Up!"

I guess Ken and Kat forgot to compare notes, or maybe Kat wasn't invited to coffee at the diner with Ken and the "person informed of the cubs thinking."

Hey Kat, read Ken's piece--now you're also informed.

What do I think? The Mets are big time in the hunt for Lowe, and there is wiggle room above 3 years and $36M. Just how much is what no one knows, not even a "person informed of the clubs thinking".

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