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Friday, January 2, 2009

Remaining Free Agents and the Mets

We all know the names: Lowe, Garland, Dunn, Manny, Abreu, Wolf, Perez, Redding.

So who fits for the Mets, and who doesn't?

Our friend Jon Heyman from Sports Illustrated just finished a piece handicapping the remaining free agents.

Jon racks and stacks them as follows:

1. Bobby Abreu, OF
2. Milton Bradley, OF/DH
3. Pat Burrell, OF/DH.
4. Orlando Cabrera, SS.
5. Joe Crede, 3B
6. Adam Dunn, OF
7. Jon Garland, SP.
8. Jason Giambi, DH/1B.
9. Orlando Hudson, 2B.
10. Derek Lowe, SP.
11. Oliver Perez, SP
12. Andy Pettitte, SP.
13. Manny Ramirez, OF.
14. Ben Sheets, SP
15. Jason Varitek, C.
16. Randy Wolf, SP.
17. Garret Anderson, OF
18. Freddy Garcia, SP
19. Cliff Floyd, DH
20. Tim Redding, SP.

It's an interesting list, and many of the names have been bandied about as possibilities for the Mets.

We rank the ones that could most help the Mets as follows:

1. Oliver Perez, SP: Very high on Ollie. Strikeout pitcher, hitting his prime, aces against the Phils lefty lineup, and wants the ball in tough spots. He's young, he's lefty, and he's nasty. $$$$
2. Derek Lowe, SP: Innings eater who throws ground balls. Seems like the perfect fit for this team, at this time. He's older, but has a great motion and body type for longevity. $$$$
3. Manny Ramirez, OF: Not gonna happen, but just think if it could. Manny in left field for 2 years would make this lineup as good as any in baseball, plus we'd all get to enjoy his fielding. $$$$$
4. Jon Garland, SP: Guaranteed to start 32+ games and throw 200 innings. Battler, pitches to contact, but gets the job done. Would slot well to the #4 in this rotation. $$$
5. Orlando Hudson, 2B: Worth the price of admission to see him and Reyes in the same infield. Very capable hitter who gets on base and makes things happen. If it weren't for Castillo, Hudson would already be a Met. $$$
6. Adam Dunn, OF: Has his flaws, but also his strengths. Big power with a keen eye. Not a great RBI man, but in a stacked lineup he could have the best year of his career. Average fielder. Omar is not a fan. $$$$
7. Ben Sheets, SP: Has great stuff, but the injury worry is there. Surprising lack of interest in this excellent pitcher. Someone is going to get a relative bargain. $$$$
8. Randy Wolf, SP: I'm not a fan. Had a very nice 2008, but before that had four consecutive years of 18 starts or less. $$$

I still believe Lowe will be a Met, but there's a good chance that more than one name from Heyman's list gets added in the next two weeks.

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