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Friday, January 2, 2009

MLB Network is Here...and We Love It!

The diehard baseball fanatics that were amongst the 50 million subscribers that witnessed the debut of MLB Network were treated to some great baseball chatter and the broadcast of one of the seminal games in baseball history.

Coupling familiar faces such as Al Leiter and Harold Reynolds, with some classic broadcasts of the past and news of the day was enough for this baseball blogger to give the new network a big "thumbs-up."

My only wish is they would have done this sooner.

About MLB Network

MLB Network Studio 3

MLB Network Studio 42

  • MLB Network will launch on January 1, 2009 in approximately 50 million homes as the largest network debut in cable history
  • MLB Network will air live games, original programming, highlights, classic games, and coverage of baseball events
  • The MLB Network studio is located at 40 Hartz Way, Suite 10, Secaucus NJ, 07094
  • Named to honor Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth, "Studio 3" and "Studio 42" total 15,200 square feet, including 9,600 square feet for Studio 42 alone.
  • Every video display in both studios will be fully native HD, as will all video produced at the studios.
Studio 3:
  • Named to honor Babe Ruth, Studio 3 will be the primary home of the live nightly studio show, MLB Tonight.
  • Measuring 5,600 square feet, Studio 3 features 62 video displays, including a 30x7-foot rear projection screen, 108" and 103" monitors, as well as a Perceptive Pixel touch screen display, which will allow MLB Network personalities to interact with and change graphics and images on-screen.
  • The studio will feature a desk that can rotate to various stations and includes six distinct broadcast areas, including a balcony, stat center, and interview area.
  • The ceiling is ringed by backlit logos of all 30 MLB teams and the entire studio features lighting that can be altered to give it the feel of day or night.
Studio 42:
  • Named to honor Jackie Robinson, Studio 42 measures 9,600 square feet, and will be used as a demonstration center by MLB Network's on-air talent.
  • Studio 42 is designed to be a replica baseball field, featuring a half-scale infield made of field turf measuring 45 feet from base to base and a pitcher's mound 30 feet from home plate that can be moved back for more realistic demonstrations.
  • The studio also features a replica outfield wall, complete with padding, brick designs, three different seating areas that can hold up to 173 people, and an out-of-town scoreboard modeled after the scoreboard at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, which will be updated in real-time.
Executives and On-Air Talent:
  • President and CEO: Tony Petitti
  • Studio Hosts: Matt Vasgersian, Victor Rojas
  • Analysts: Al Leiter, Joe Magrane, Harold Reynolds
  • Reporters: Trenni Kusnierek, Hazel Mae

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1 comment:

Joe D. said...

I see you loved the MLB Network too. I told everyone, anybody changes the channel on the HD TV and you're in trouble!

I absolutely hate SNY, aside from pre and post game. I never watch it anymore.

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