NY Sports Dog: Mets Mates on Ollie: Yes, Yes, Yes

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mets Mates on Ollie: Yes, Yes, Yes

One thing is certain: Oliver Perez has the full backing and support of his 2008 teammates and coaches.

"Bring him back!" is the universal rallying cry.

Billy Wagner: "He's possibly one of those guys who can win the Cy Young award every year," Billy Wagner told The Post yesterday. "It's just, which Ollie is going to show up?

"Oliver has got No. 1 stuff, but he's probably that No. 3 or 4 type pitcher because he can't stay focused for pitching against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He's that No. 1 guy for when you're playing against the Phillies and Braves or in the playoffs and you've got to get that win."

Johan Santana: "Oliver is a guy that has learned a lot from last year and we had a good time with him,” Santana said.

“Hopefully Omar finds a way to keep him. He’s learned a lot of things from last year. He learned that every game is important. I told him from the beginning it doesn’t matter what you do tomorrow. Learn from today and you’ll be fine tomorrow.

“Sometimes he lets his emotions take over. I’m pretty sure he’ll improve this year. Hopefully Omar finds a way to keep him in NewYork. He’s not just a great teammate. He’s going to be a good pitcher, too.”

Rick Peterson: "You want a guy who can dominate in your division, and he's only going to get better," Peterson said. "If I'm a Mets fan or in the front office, I'm very happy if Oliver Perez is returning."

Bottom line is the Mets know they have a chance to win now--and that chance is better with Ollie in tow.

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Kid Carter said...

What about Ollie and Sheets?

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