NY Sports Dog: Derek Lowe Will Sign With the Mets...I Think

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Derek Lowe Will Sign With the Mets...I Think

I've been chuckling a bit at the Derek Lowe "saga".

Bottom line is this: there is a limited market for Lowe, and the Mets made an obviously lowball offer for him, so there is a next step, and a counter-step, and a final step.

So what's next? It will happen as follows...

A little Scott Boras newspaper bingo, a little "he said, we said", and then a deal is made.

The deal will most likely look as follows: 3 years, with $42M guaranteed, and a club option 4th year at $16M for a total of 4 years and $58M if all pans out.

The Mets "get their guy", Boras, "get his deal", and everyone leaves happy.

Look for it to happen next week....I think.

Happy New Year!

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