NY Sports Dog: Are Those "Sausages" Dad?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Are Those "Sausages" Dad?

How do you explain the new Mets hat logo to your kid?

"Dad, I think those look like 'sausages'?"

"Honey, that is the new Citi Field, the Mets new home! And really, a sausage hat would look more like this":
"And in the olden days, no, not like when I went to school, when your grandmother was a girl. Yes, ladies often wore magic hats of sausages. Like this one":

"Would you wear a sausage hat Dad? I like your plain blue hat."

"Of course I like the traditional look my child. When I was your age all of the kids wore this classic Mets hat, and please, if you love your Dad, you will too."
"Now stop all that crying. The Mets will sign a pitcher soon, and we can forget all about this little chat of ours."Reblog this post [with Zemanta]

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WrightFan said...


What are we doing with these logos? Terrible!

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