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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Mets Secret Weapon: Jerry Manuel

For all of the hand wringing that's gone on since the Mets second consecutive disappointing finish, Mets fans can take heart.

One, the Mets signed not one, but two of the premier closers in the game this off-season.

Two, the team enters the season, at least to this point, in good health.

Three, Jerry Manuel is the manager.

Huh? What is all this "three" stuff?

Let's take a peek at Jerry's managerial record:

Year    League   Team     Age  G     W    L    WP   Finish
1998 AL Cent ChicagoW 44 162 80 82 .494 2
1999 AL Cent ChicagoW 45 161 75 86 .466 2
2000 AL Cent ChicagoW 46 162 95 67 .586 1
2001 AL Cent ChicagoW 47 162 83 79 .512 3
2002 AL Cent ChicagoW 48 162 81 81 .500 2
2003 AL Cent ChicagoW 49 162 86 76 .531 2
2008 NL East NewYorkM 54 93 55 38 .591 2
ChicagoW 971 500 471 .515
NewYorkM 93 55 38 .591
TOTAL 1064 555 509 .522
That is a very good record of success. Like many managers and NFL coaches, it's the second go-around as the boss that generates the most success. Think Joe Torre and Bill Belichick.

The Mets played close to .600 ball after Jerry took the helm. Over a full season that works out to 96 wins.

The Phillies won the NL East with a 92-70 record.

The Players respond well to Jerry. He is excellent with a lineup card, and has a great knack for playing the right guy at the right time.

His biggest flaw in 2008 was trying to juggle a pitching staff that was without key starters, a bullpen that was without its closer, and using a bunch of middle relievers/long men to piece together outing after outing. It wasn't pretty.

So while all of the tea leaves tell us the Mets must sign one more starter (and they will), the fanbase should feel more confident than ever in their team.

The Mets will hit; the Mets will score; the Mets will close out games; the Mets will win.

They will do this with a steady hand at the tiller from Day 1...the hand of Jerry Manuel.
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Anonymous said...

I think that one thing we can count on this year is a fast start.

It's tough to come back from 10 games out.

Anthony Zippardo said...

The Mets will also have a lot more fun right from the start.

I liked Willie a lot, but he sure was a downer, and it seemed like the players had their fun meters turned off.

Let's Go Jerry!

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