NY Sports Dog: The Bronx Zoo: Part 2

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Bronx Zoo: Part 2

Count me among those that thank my lucky stars the day I was given my first blue and orange Mets hat vice a black and white Yankee cap.

As reported in the NY Post, Joe Torre's new book is a stunner, and frankly, it all comes as no surprise.

He rips Alex Rodriguez, George Steinbrenner, and describes, in detail, his departure from the franchise he managed to four World Series titles.

While the Mets certainly don't have the storied history of the Yankees, we also don't have the drama, the revolving door of players, the spend, spend, spend mentality, and a legion of bandwagon fans who cries for even more spending in the hopes of buying yet another championship.

There is something dignified about being a Mets fan--we're loyal to the core--and I couldn't imagine trying to like a team, much less root for a team, that behaves like the Yankees.

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Anonymous said...


Dude, there's NO dignity to being a Mets fan.

Being a Pirates fan has more dignity. At least they're suffering in silence

Dave Singer said...

This describes most Mets fans, and I love it!

“Most people are quite happy to suffer in silence, if they are sure everybody knows they are doing it”

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