NY Sports Dog: Things I Did During Yesterday's Mets Game

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things I Did During Yesterday's Mets Game

4:15:  Turned on the game, settled into the Lazy Boy with a Beer
4:20:  Tried to calculate David Wright's OBP after another walk in the first inning
4:22:  Shook my head after another Jason Bay strikeout
4:35:  Ordered in some Thai food for delivery
4:41:  Second beer
5:13:  Realized for sure this would be a pitcher's duel, both guys had nasty stuff
5:35:  My Pad Thai and Chicken Satay are delivered, I open my third beer
5:40:  Shake my head as Jason Bay strikes out again
6:15:  Do a happy dance as Angel Pagan breaks up the no-hitter, celebrate with a beer
6:41:  Clap for Johan Santana as Igarashi relieves him...atta boy Johan!
7:12:  We're going to extra innings....beer me
7:34:  Shake my head as Jason Bay strikes out...again
7:39:  Alex Cora dives into the stands to make the play!!!  Wow, amazing!
8:00:  Make a salami sandwich...my wife comes into ask me if I'm ready to watch a Blu-Ray...walks away in disgust as I say, "no, but can you bring me a beer?"
8:12:  Shake my head in disgust as Jason Bay strikes out...again
8:20:  My brother calls me to ask if I'm watching the game...I hang up on him (Yankee fan)
8:41:  Takahashi walks the tight rope...loads the bases and strikes out three...beer!!!
9:10:  Luis Castillo with a great tag...Jonathan Niese is pinch hitting, John Maine is pinch running
9:34:  I have a meltdown with Valdes is thrown out at second....must have a beer now
9:47:  My dog comes in and starts licking my hand...I shoo him away...this is too important!
10:15:  I have another meltdown when Jerry Manuel asks Luis Castillo to bunt against a position player that can't find the strike zone...I stick another pin in my Jerry Manuel voodoo doll and just as I do it, they cut to a picture of Jerry smiling in the dugout
10:20:  I start crying like a baby when Jeff Francoeur hits a sac fly to bring Jose Reyes home with a run!  An actual run!
10:32: Albert Pujols doubles...I have a heart attack...my wife comes in to check on me...I tell her I'm fine and ask her for a beer.
10:37: The Cards tie it, I decide to do 20 pushups and kick my neighbor's cat
10:49: Jose Reyes sac fly to take the lead 2-1...much rejoicing...I hurriedly run to the bathroom and grab a beer on my way back to the chair
11:00:  Pelfrey getting squeezed by the ump, My wife comes in to tell me she's going to bed...I ignore her
11:08:  Grounder to Castillo...it's over!  I yell a little, fall off my chair, and high five my imaginary friends
11:10 Pack up my Lazy Boy and prep it for shipping to the Hall of Fame
11:15 My brother calls to ask why I hung up on him earlier...I hang up on him again
11:30 Pass out

Next day...

8:00:  Wake up and my dog is licking my face...I actually don't mind it...go to the bedroom where my wife is sleeping, I lick her face for a few minutes until she wakes up...she tells me my breath stinks...shower, coffee, blogging.

Good morning Mets Fans!

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