NY Sports Dog: Luis Castillo is the Most Consistent Met in 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Luis Castillo is the Most Consistent Met in 2010

Lost among the shuffle between David Wright's strikeouts, Jason Bay's awful two weeks, Jeff Francoer's hot and cold start, Jose Reyes moving to third in the order, and the general wild ride that is the Mets 2010 season is one simple and overlooked fact:

Luis Castillo is off to a very consistent season.

How consistent?

Consider this:  He has been on base in every one of his starts this year.  Yes, a perfect 14 for 14.  Moreover, he is 1 for 2 as a pinch hitter, so he's been on base in 15 of the 16 games in which he's appeared.

While the overall numbers aren't great, he's batting .273 with a .354 OBP and pitiful .327 OPS, he has been effective.

You could also argue that if the players hitting behind him had been hitting, David Wright and Jason Bay in particular, Luis could easily have a dozen runs scored to this point vice the 6 he has now.

Castillo has 15 hits and 8 walks against only 3 Ks.  He's also chipped in 3 stolen bases, including 2 last night, and played solid defense at second.

Think he hasn't helped during this winning streak?  In the last week, Luis is hitting an even .300 with a .391 OBP and an OPS of .791.  Very good numbers indeed.

Luis is a bit of a punching bag amongst Mets fans and bloggers, but I see him as a consistent piece of the puzzle that gets on base and does enough.

I certainly appreciate the consistency even if no one else does.

Games through April 25, 2010 Year to Date
Apr 5FLAW 7-141000001010.
Apr 7FLAL 7-620000021000.
Apr 8FLAL 3-140100000000.231.100.331.100
Apr 9WASW 8-2Did not play
Apr 10WASL 4-310100000000.286.182.468.182
Apr 11WASL 5-210000000000.267.167.434.167
Apr 13@COLL 11-340100000100.263.188.451.188
Apr 14@COLL 6-531100011000.292.211.503.211
Apr 15@COLW 5-052210000001.310.292.602.250
Apr 16@STLL 4-340100001000.324.286.610.250
Apr 17@STLW 2-170200001100.333.286.619.257
Apr 18@STLL 5-3Did not play
Apr 19CHCW 6-140100010000.326.282.608.256
Apr 20CHCW 4-040200001000.353.302.655.279
Apr 21CHCL 9-341101010000.345.340.685.277
Apr 22CHCW 5-220000001000.345.327.672.265
Apr 23ATLW 5-231000001000.339.308.647.250
Apr 24ATLW 3-1Did not play
Apr 25ATLW 1-030200000120.354.327.681.273
Monthly Totals 5561511058331.354.327.681.273

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Anonymous said...

Go Luis Go!

Very nice point in this post.

MetsMan said...

Nice to see a blogger that does their homework instead of reporting what everyone else does.

Really awesome job on this piece and covering the team in general.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Luis as well, and it's nice to see that he's at least consistent (though I had no idea until I read it here). I still think his lateral movement is an issue, particularly to his left, but his defense does seem to be improved this season.

Great post!

Jonathan C. said...

I have been preaching this for since the start of last year. I'm so glad someone else can appreciates the consistent effort, Luis provides. The biggest peeve is when people say .300 last year was an anomaly when the guy is a LIFETIME .300 batter! Ridiculous.

Thanks for the great post.

Dave Singer said...

Thanks guys....waddup 518! (agree on the lateral movement)

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