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Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Pitch Frenchy is Back

Jeff Francoeur is in a slump--that's actually putting it mildly.

Frenchy is oh for his last 25, and is swinging at the first pitch in over half his at-bats during that time.

For proof of this we only need to look at the stats.  After seeing almost 4 pitches per plate appearance over the first week of the season, he is now at 3.07 pitcher per PA for 2010, seeing less than 3 pitches per PA during this slump.

The 3.07 is lower than his woeful career average of 3.38, and much less than the MLB average of 3.78.

His actual first swing percentage on the year is 46%, compared to 28% for the rest of baseball.  And again, prior to the slump he was in the mid-30s, meaning his is swinging at almost 60% of first pitches over the past few games.

That is unacceptable.

I would rather see him come to bat 4 times in a game and not take the bat off his shoulder than continue to flail at the first offering and make out after out.

He needs a day off and a smack in the ass.

Games through April 21, 2010
Apr 5FLAW 7-120110021000.5001.0001.500.500
Apr 7FLAL 7-641100001000.444.500.944.333
Apr 8FLAL 3-140210010100.462.6001.062.400
Apr 9WASW 8-242200230000.4711.0001.471.429
Apr 10WASL 4-341210001100.500.9441.444.444
Apr 11WASL 5-230201001000.5381.0001.538.476
Apr 13@COLL 11-341100000100.500.8801.380.440
Apr 14@COLL 6-531100112000.514.9291.443.429
Apr 15@COLW 5-041200000000.513.8751.388.438
Apr 16@STLL 4-332200001000.535.8571.392.457
Apr 17@STLW 2-170000010100.451.7141.165.381
Apr 18@STLL 5-331000001000.436.6671.103.356
Apr 19CHCW 6-141000000000.407.6121.019.327
Apr 20CHCW 4-040000000200.381.566.947.302
Apr 21CHCL 9-340000000000.358.526.884.281
Monthly Totals 53111631388600.381.566.947.302


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