NY Sports Dog: Is Dillon Gee Next?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Is Dillon Gee Next?

As news of Ike Davis imminent arrival flowed through the blogosphere, there is still "the Maine question" to be dealt with in the coming weeks.

We saw John Maine struggle again last night...

Struggle with velocity--he topped out at 90 mph on a fastball that seemed to sit more in the 87-89 range than anything.

Struggle with control--he hit a batter, walked four, and needed 115 pitches to get through 5 innings.  Moreover, at least two Cardinals reached base in each of those innings.

On the year Maine has a 10.38 ERA and a staggeringly poor 2.23 WHIP.  Opponents are hitting .368 against him.

It's beyond ugly.

We only have to look to AAA to see the possible answer in the form of Dillon Gee.

Gee is off to a hot start in AAA--dominant is a better word.  In two starts he's pitched 13 innings and allowed a miserly 5 hits, 1 walk and 0 runs while striking out 12.

So what to do with Maine?

He could certainly go to the bullpen, become the long man, and try and regain the 3-4 mph he's lost on his fastball through a throwing program that would build him back up.

This would be a temporary move and could be the best thing for the still young pitcher.  He'll throw regularly, work every day, keep his head in the game vice over-thinking things for days between starts, and not have the same type of pressure that he's feeling now.

For Gee it works because statistics say that the Mets would need him at some point this year anyway.  Most teams use 8-10 starters in any given year, so why not see what Gee can do now vice August or in an emergency?  This would allow the Mets to plan when the first start takes place (at home) and most likely against a weaker team.  An easing in of sorts.

The whole plan works on a lot of levels.

I do think Maine gets one more start, but it's clear he's not there right now.  A stint in the bullpen and a few starts by Gee could be just what the doctor ordered...for everyone.
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Anonymous said...

I think Maine pitch well last night, remember the dont hit the ball only 4 hit in 7 inning. You dont win game with only pitch, we need Ike David, Fernando Martinez and Carter in the roster.....

Anonymous said...

I think Dylon Gee, Holt, and other are ready to be in the roster.

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