NY Sports Dog: Who is the Mets Mr Baseball?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who is the Mets Mr Baseball?

Playing two today obviously made me think of Ernie Banks, the unquestioned Mr Baseball of the Chicago Cubs.

Tom Seaver is easily the best Met ever, but is he really our Mr Baseball?  As a youngster, Seaver was my favorite player, but when I see him now he doesn't even seem like a Met. Keith Hernandez is much more identifiable with the team, though with every Cards story he tells we realize, to our disappointment, that there will always be a dividing line with Keith.

The real question might be, have the Mets ever had a "Mr Baseball?"  I mean the TRUE one that is associated with the team in the same way Ernie is associated with the Cubs or Stan Musial is associated with the Cards...I don't believe so.

We all want and hope that David Wright will be that guy, but truly he's still a "not yet" answer, though it gets closer each year...speaking of DW, please stop booing him you knuckleheads!

Regardless, it's a great day to play two, and I'm sure Ernie would agree.
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