NY Sports Dog: John Maine--Sad, but True?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

John Maine--Sad, but True?

Last month, on March 15th, I reported the following:

You won't hear it from the team...yet. You won't hear it from the management...yet. You will hear it from me...now.

I am extremely worried about Maine's arm...he might be shot, done, finito.

Thus far, his 2010 spring training has confirmed that he is not in form, and that the last two years of surgeries and disabled list rests from "shoulder fatigue" and other shoulder ailments may have removed the pain, but not brought back the stuff that made him a capable middle of the rotation starter.

During the off-season a contact I have with deep ties to the Mets organization warned me that "Maine is done" as a starter because "he has a dead arm."
"A dead arm? Really?" I was incredulous.

"Yes, it's dead, and his stuff is gone," he reiterated. I didn't believe him and basically laughed him off.
 After two starts there is zero question in my mind that I was told the truth.

This is truly a sad situation.


Grouchoman said...

I agree. He looks tired and even somewhat drained. Perhaps something physical is still going on, but I could have pitched a better game last night. Bring up a starter from Buffalo...it couldn't be much worse.

Dave Singer said...

I'd give Tak a start or two.

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