NY Sports Dog: Well THAT was Fun

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well THAT was Fun

Great game yesterday.

Loyal NY Sports Dog readers know I predicted this--actually, I predicted 10 runs, but hey, no one is perfect.

How good has Fernando Nieve been? 3-0? 1.31 ERA?

One thing is for sure--the Astros got it wrong on this guy.

Just look at his minor league numbers, and you'll see some very impressive indicators: terrific BB to K, nice WHIP, and very few HRs against him in a homer happy AAA.

This kind of pitching obviously can't last forever, but I'm certainly enjoying the ride.

How nice is it to see Ryan Church looking relaxed and confident at the plate?

Church is batting .309 in June with a .381 OBP and .491 Slg %. He's essentially doing what he did in April to start the year before Manuel played games with him and his hammy acted up.

Jerry: leave Church alone--please. He is your rightfielder this year....period.

Another NY Sports Dog tip of the cap to Brian Schneider.

Kid Schneider has 12 RBIs in 33 June at-bats to go along with his .303 BA...he looks fresh.

Another game, another win, another game gained on the Phils.

1.5 games back....keep clawing, keep fighting, and keep winning.

It's anyone's NL East in 2009.

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Anonymous said...

What? No "Good morning Met fans" on BBI?

Dave Singer said...

Meh....I'm pretty much done with BBI...you can paste any links from here you want though, to include anything I write....just link back if you paste the whole article.

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