NY Sports Dog: Subway Series Tickets Available - June 26th

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Subway Series Tickets Available - June 26th

The lovely and talented Lynn Cohen (yes, that Lynn Cohen) of "Gary, Keith and Ron", just announced she has 50 more tickets for the Mets v. Yanks game on June 26th.

As you may know, Lynn does a bunch of great charity work through the website, and she also happens to unite a bunch of great Mets fans at the same time.

So if you're looking for tickets and want to hang out with a great group, please go check out the site.

Get your Subway Series tickets! GKR now has 40 50 additional seats in the Big Apple area (aka- right next to the food) for the extremely coveted Friday June 26 game against the Yankees!

These Big Apple tickets will go super fast, so don't miss your opportunity to cheer on our boys from the bleachers. Let's make sure the Mets fans--and the GKR fans!--show up in droves to show those Yankees fans whose home they're in!

Come sit with your fellow GKR supporters and watch the Subway series! Purchasers must wear the GKR Subway shirt. Unity and theme in one tee!

Our 1st 40 SOLD OUT, We Managed to put together 50 more - POSTING TICKETS FOR FRIDAY NIGHT GAME

Tickets are only $95.00.
Includes GKR Subway Tee
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