NY Sports Dog: KRod v. Bruney: Fight Video

Monday, June 15, 2009

KRod v. Bruney: Fight Video

Well, here is a fan's video of the "fight" between Frankie Rodriguez and Brian Bruney...OK, it wasn't a fight, but more of a disagreement with a bit of pushing and finger pointing.

As you'll see, not a lot going on, but Frankie Rodriguez is obviously pissed. (probably as pissed as the Mets fans after that trainwreck of a game yesterday)

Bruney did issue an apology for his comments.

"Obviously, I probably shouldn't have said what I said," Bruney said after the Yankees' 15-0 pounding of the Mets. "I made that mistake and I'm moving on . . . I guess this is my apology to him. I didn't really get a chance to [apologize earlier]."

"For me, it's over with. And I'm sure, in his mind, he's not worried about it," Bruney said. "The guy's had a great career and I don't have anything like that to hang my hat on . . . I don't have a World Series ring, I don't have the saves record. I've heard he's a good dude, I'm sure he is. It's over with."

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Anonymous said...

Kick his ass KRod!

Anonymous said...

Brian Bruney would pound that little midget.

Jack said...

Bruney is an assclown.

Anonymous said...

Great signing.

Still can't believe we have Frankie!!!

AngelFanMatt said...

His act wore thin on the Angels. Good Riddance.

Anonymous said...

Frankie is a cocky me first clown.

Dave Singer said...

Angles don't win a World Series without him.

Remember that before you talk smack.

Anonymous said...

Too funny.

A Yankee scrub and a Mets punk going at it.


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