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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time to Focus the Lineup

The Mets are 1-4 in the month of June, and they have played two of the very worst teams in baseball.

In those 5 games the Mets have scored 16 runs.

Looking at the team, with Schneider, Cora and Ryan Church back, we can finally put out a consistent lineup that takes advantage of what we have.

First, let's look at some stats, specifically OBP:

Group One:
.441, .440, .403, .394, .378, .345, .349, .328, .324

Group Two:
.322, .314, .294, .287

In group one are: Carlos Beltran, David Wright, Alex Cora, Gary Sheffield, Luis Castillo, Jeremy Reed, Fernando Tatis, Ryan Church and Brian Schneider

In group two are: Daniel Murphy, Fernando Martinez, Wilson Valdez and Omir Santos

I'm of the opinion that Jerry needs to go with the following as his primary lineup (OBPs added):


This also happens to be a decent fielding lineup as well, and there are plenty of guys who can run.

Bottom line--it's time to vet up with major league professionals. Murph can pinch-hit, Fernando Martinez should enjoy the next bit of time before he heads back down--Reed is a better option, and Santos should be what he is--the backup.

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Kranepool Society said...

Dave, we may be past the point of trying to figure a lineup for this team in factif I'm the GM I'm about to put the for sale sign out and start thinking how I can chage the pedigree of this team. Shoddy fielding, embarssing baserunning, lck of hustle from the top prospect in our system does shows there is more of a problem thatn Reyes hammy and Delgado' hip.

Our biggest power bat is 40 yrs old and can't play everyday and we are 1-4 against two teams tha tif this were Englis Scocer would have been sent to a divison below.

Dave Singer said...


I think we can hold down the fort a bit longer if we get these vets some consistent playing time, and rest them like most teams--once every two weeks, with Sheff getting a day off once every 8-10 games.

We have to at least see if we can be competitive with Cora, Church and Schneider all back.

If the Mets can keep it to 5-6 games back at the all-star break, then get Jose and possibly even Delgado back, all will be good.

It may seem like a pipe dream right now, but part of our issue has been playing with way too many holes in the lineup.

I think the lineup I proposed provides the consistency throughout to put up good enough numbers to win a lot of games.

Dave Singer said...

So of course Jerry goes and fucks it up...this lineup is horsehit:

1. Alex Cora – 2B
2. Fernando Martinez – LF
3. Carlos Beltran – CF
4. David Wright – 3B
5. Daniel Murphy – 1B
6. Ryan Church – RF
7. Brian Schneider – C
8. Wilson Valdez – SS
9. Livan Hernandez – RHP

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