NY Sports Dog: Bad Jerry Manuel Decision #78

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bad Jerry Manuel Decision #78

Two words: Argenis Reyes.

Argenis is batting .225 against lefties in AAA this year.

In 24 big league at-bats against lefties, Argenis has a .167 BA and a .167 OBP to go along with that...yup, no walks and 6 Ks.

Jerry used him to pinch-hit, against lefthanded CC Sabathia with two men on base in the Mets lone rally of the night.

He struck out.

Dare I mention that Jeremy Reed is 4 for 4 against lefties this year?

Do I even mention the fact that Daniel Murphy is hitting .276 against lefties this year--8 for 29 with a HR?

Nah, I'll just shut the hell up and pretend I'm speechless.

Besides, the outstanding blogger Joe Janish of Mets Today does a heck of a lot better explaining Jerry's "positive spin" on the loss than I ever could.

Argenis Reyes....wow.

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