NY Sports Dog: David Wright K Rate Slowing Down

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

David Wright K Rate Slowing Down

David Wright and his strikeout totals are a frequent topic of conversation on SNY.

But truthfully, they are not that bad of late, and he has been trending in a positive direction for a while.

After striking out 113, 113, 115, and 118 times the past four seasons, he in "on pace" for 166 Ks in 2009.

Yes, it's a lot, but a month ago, it was far worse--he was on pace for 190.

  • In April, DW struck out once every 3.03 at-bats
  • In May, DW struck out once every 3.77 at-bats
  • In June, DW is striking out once every 4.53 at-bats
Last year he struck out once every 5.31 at-bats.

If he keeps up with his June pace the rest of the way he will K 147 times on the year. If the positive trend continues and he normalizes to his career rate for the remainder of 2009, he will finish with 137 Ks.

Not great, but not horrible either.

For horrible, look at the current top 5 from among the top 10 strikeout guys in MLB on the year--Chris Davis is on pace for 246 Ks.

Sortable Batting
1Chris DavisTEX22526449013280014102.196.249.409.658
2Mark ReynoldsARI258456915119491343397.267.355.554.909
3Carlos PenaTAM25153591512252014991.235.369.566.935
4Ryan HowardPHI26944691722055302886.257.331.558.889
5B.J. UptonTAM26745651515242653279.243.323.363.687
6Adam DunnWAS24433651001850015576.266.400.529.929
7Jarrod SaltalamacchiaTEX189204870625021371.254.300.386.687
8Alfonso SorianoCHC27744621401430722470.224.289.426.715

David WrightNYM25744892134391884170.346.437.498.935
10Jack CustOAK2424055901337203169.227.315.426.741
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