NY Sports Dog: Tonight's Lineup Blows

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tonight's Lineup Blows

So of course the Mets will probably score 10 runs.

Cora ss
Castillo 2b
Wright 3b
Church rf
Tatis lf
FMart cf
Evans 1b
Schneider c
Nieve p

Seriously, how many years has it been since we put such a feeble group of players out there?

One All-Star, a couple of journeymen, a pinch of scrap heap, a dash of mediocre regulars, a small spoonful of overmatched kids....and a whole lot of delicious.

Butch Huskey would bat cleanup with this bunch....and I'm talking 1998 Huskey.

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Greg said...

haha, nice call on the 10 runs... missed it by 1!

Dave Singer said...

Yes, my powers of prognostication are second only to my humility on my own personal greatness scale.

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