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Thursday, June 25, 2009

102 mph for Mejia?

Though it seems at time that the Mets minors is devoid of stars, there are a few guys that get the juices flowing.

My friend Mack of Mack's Mets, does a great job covering these guys, and his blog is the first I open each morning.

Another guy I enjoy reading is Brian Moritz.

Moritz, who does a fantastic job covering the Bing, wrote the following:

First of all, here's an unofficial breakdown of Jenrry Mejia's outing:
1st inning: 2 balls, 6 strikes, 8 total.
2nd: 9 balls, 13 strikes, 22 total.
3rd: 5 balls, 13 strikes, 18 total.
4th: 3 balls, 8 strikes, 11 total.
5th: 4 balls, 4 strikes, 8 total.
6th: 9 balls, 13 strikes, 22 total.

Totals: 31 balls, 57 strikes, 88 pitches.

Yes, as I wrote yesterday ... one of his pitches hit 102 on the gun on the scoreboard at NYSEG Stadium. I don't know exactly how accurate that is ... but Mejia was throwing in the high 90s with his fastball.

Just as impressive was his use of the curveball, especially a couple times as a strikeout pitch. When you're throwing a fastball in the high 90s and a curveball in the high 70s, you've got good stuff.
The more we see and hear with Mejia, the more exciting it is...this is a potential star for us.

Call me crazy, but he throws a little like Pedro.
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