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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random Predictions

I am watching this crapfest they call a final tuneup and have been pondering the upcoming season.

Here are my random, unscientific, gut-feel predictions for 2009.

Jose Reyes: 208 Hits, 22 Triples
David Wright: 28 HRs, 44 Doubles
John Maine: 16 Wins
Ryan Church: 24 HRs, stays healthy and has a terrific year
Johan Santana: 22-7 (Cy Young)
Luis Castillo: .290 Batting Average, 90 Runs Scored
KRod: 43 Saves
Daniel Murphy: .305 Batting Average, 76 RBIs
Carlos Delgado: 121 RBIs
Carlos Beltran: 42 HRs
JJ Putz: 14 Saves, 2.65 ERA
Ollie Perez: 14-12
Mike Pelfrey: 17-10
Livan Hernandez: 2-9, 5.80 ERA, gets released
Fernando Tatis: Does not thrive in the super-sub role, but puts up decent numbers

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Dave Doyle said...

If Church hits 24 homers and Murphy hits .305 we won't be seeing much of Gary Sheffield this season

Dave Singer said...

I wish we weren't seeing any of him!

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