NY Sports Dog: Good Ollie or Bad Ollie?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Ollie or Bad Ollie?

Yes, Opening Day was great.

Yes, I couldn't wait to see Big Pelf yesterday.

But man oh man, today's game, with Ollie on the hill, really gets my juicing flowing.

You see, I'm one of many who believes our 2009 season rests on Ollie's shoulders.

Santana will be great, Pelf is a strong kid who will win his games, Maine can reasonably be expected to win in the teens, and the 5th starter is going to be a struggle all year (it's what 5th starters do).

But if Ollie can pitch well--consistently well--the Mets are going to have a fantastic season.

It starts today....can he shake off a bad spring? Can he find his delivery point? Can he keep his pitches down? Is he in shape?

It's early--very early--and in many respects the measuring stick for the 2009 Mets take the hill today to foretell our fate.

My money is on good Ollie.


Lawyer in DC said...

Remind me not to go to Vegas with you. "My money is on Good Ollie" - ouch.

Dave Singer said...

Yeah, I really nailed that one!

Oh boy...Ollie needs to get his shit together, and quickly.

Metsies said...

Were you an Ollie guy or a Lowe guy? I think it was Ollie but I can't remember.

Dave Singer said...

Oh, I absolutely wanted Lowe--no question. That said, I am, and always have been, a very big Ollie supporter.

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