NY Sports Dog: Friday Feeding Frenzy

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Feeding Frenzy

Man, it's like the calm before the storm.

Yes my friends, the season is almost upon us!

In the world of Mets bloggers, my friends are churning it up this morning....

Very cool new layout for MetsBlog....nice work Matt!

Brooklyn Met Fan is banking on a HUGE season from Ryan Church (and if you click on the Ryan Church link, you may notice someone else who is a fan!).

Bart Hubbich at the NY Post reports on the excitement of the team for their new digs.

For those of you who haven't discovered the Mack Attack yet, please go pay him a visit. This is the best spot for breakdowns and updates on our up and coming young talent.

Metsradamus keeps us all laughing....he has another beauty this morning featuring an in-flight conversation between Ramon Castro and Ollie Perez.

Steve Popper, who has really had a nice "writing spring" gives us an insight into the relationship of Beltran and Murphy....it's so good to see Beltran in teaching mode--and he has a very apt pupil in Murphy.

Eric Simon at Amazin Avenue posted a great piece on the Mets Health...right below his piece is an article from James K on the first 10 pitching matchups of the year....two more examples of the smart writing you can find there.

Anthony De Rosa at Hot Foot is begging you to win a poster!

MetScribe, a new entry to the Mets blogger world, has a very funny weather report. MetScribe is the blogger version of Daniel Murphy.

OK, I need coffee....I'll check back in with you later....go check the links above!.

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