NY Sports Dog: Shocking Video: Ex-Met Mike Cameron Line Drive Nails Pitcher

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shocking Video: Ex-Met Mike Cameron Line Drive Nails Pitcher

UPDATE: YouTube took the video down (MLB copyright), BUT, you can see the MLB approved version of the video here. The knock by Cameron comes at the 1:16 mark.

Baseball good guy and former New York Met, Mike Cameron hit a line drive that struck Giants pitcher Joe Martinez in the right temple.

A visibly shaken Cameron looks on in stunned silence throughout the treatment of the pitcher. You have to think he was re-living his awful head-on collision with Carlos Beltran.

Warning: this video is not for everyone and is pretty upsetting.

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Anonymous said...

How should I pitch to Cameron
Just use your head.
-Pitching Coach

Anonymous said...

What's with "ex-met?" Like the Mets are better are a better team to claim than the Brewers? What a stupid headline. How about, "Guy from LaGrange, GA hits pitcher in the head with a line drive."

Dave Singer said...

This is a Mets website, and Cameron was involved in a head to head collision with Carlos Beltran. In the full video on YouTube (now gone), the announcers were commenting on it (after the cameras showed how upset he saw what his line drive did....he was in tears at second base)

Anyway, that's the "ex-Met" part of the headline.

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