NY Sports Dog: The Votes are in: Sheets by a Landslide

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Votes are in: Sheets by a Landslide

In our latest NY Sports Dog poll, we asked:

"If You were Omar...."

There were four choices:

155 of you voted, and Ben Sheets for 2/$20M'ish received 61% of the total votes, while Ollie for 4/$40M'ish received only 36% of the vote.

Seems as if you savvy armchair GMs see great value in Ben Sheets.....truth be told, I do as well.

Thanks to everyone that participated. Our new poll will be up shortly.
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Anonymous said...

Sheets is a better pitcher, Ollie is healthier.

Toss up in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

sheets should STILL be an option.
I dont believe redding dessens or neise can secure the 5th spot with any regularity.
Also, Maine, being counted on a a #2-3 starter, was hurt. How can they allow him to fit in without insurance.
So we really only have 3 regular healthy SPs, 2 of which have little consistency.


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