NY Sports Dog: Crazy Video: Sneaking Into Shea!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Crazy Video: Sneaking Into Shea!

I have no idea how these two managed to sneak into Shea at this point. I mean, it's a workzone, and a dangerous one at that.

Regardless, the video is pretty eerie.

Do NOT try this at home.


Anonymous said...

How did they get in there? Where was security?

I think that must have been on Super Bowl Sunday when no one was around.

Bklyn55 said...

Definitely a Sunday, but before the Super Bowl if you follow stadiumpage.com. The bigger coup would be getting inside Citi. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Wow. that was the old employee entrance for the Aramark workers. I went through that door more than a few times. It really is eerie.

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