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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Off the Field: Spring Training Food Choices

As anyone who has been to Port St Lucie knows, there are limited food choices available--mostly fast food and a few local restaurants.

Our spring training spies have seen a few Mets players over at McDonalds, and we think we know why.

Mickey D's has just unleashed a new food campaign to compete with Burger King's Angry Whopper.

Let us present...

The new McSad Deluxe!

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Anonymous said...


Sara said...

Hey. Great blog and sense of humor. If you want more Spring Training (and regular season) Food Choices, check out ScoreboardGourmet.com

And let us know what you eat at the game (or before, or after). Here's to more Mets blowouts (sorry, Astros fans)

Sara said...

one more thing...many players hit Duffy's at the end of the day. it's in a mall (shock) that's pretty much across the street from Tradition Field

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