NY Sports Dog: Boras and Mets to Meet Tomorrow

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Boras and Mets to Meet Tomorrow

Oliver Perez and Manny Ramirez' uber-agent, Scott Boras, is flying to NY tomorrow to meet with Mets brass.

There has been quite a bit of speculation on the timing of Ollie's signing, and the simple fact is that we have entered crunch time.

Will the deal get done tomorrow?

My thoughts are yes--it's time.

It will be interesting to get reports on any discussions involving Manny, though he seems like a long shot for the Mets right now, even as a one year high-priced rental.

I will monitor this very closely and report back anything I hear.

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Mets4Ever said...

There was a lot of speculation that everything was on a deadline for this weekend, but there is no way that was true. The Mets don't give deadlines.

I hope everything gets settled tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

So now Metsblog is reporting this IS untrue, that the people who sourced this were lying.

So what is your source for this?

Dave Singer said...

I stand by what I wrote.

NYMase said...

I guess he can stand by the fact that Boras and Omar did meet and did get a deal done for Perez

nysportsdog ftw

Dave Singer said...

Thanks Mase.

It's pretty smple...you pass on what you hear...sometimes it's true, sometimes circumstances change, sometimes people tell you BS in the hope you report it, then use that for their purposes.

It's called reality as you well know. That said, some folks expect perfect information, which is, in and of itself, an imperfect way to go through life.

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