NY Sports Dog: ARod Tests Positive for Spheroids

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ARod Tests Positive for Spheroids

As in balls, and pretty big ones at that.

I am not suggesting he was brave or courageous when he took PEDs and cheated at the game we love.

Nor am I condoning his behavior because, as many have reported, "everyone was doing that."

But I do give him credit for going immediately onto the national stage and admitting what he'd done.

That took guts.

So let today mark the final time that this Mets blog will talk about ARod and steroids.

Pitchers and Catchers are reporting, the early arrivals are already at Port St Lucie, and we have bigger things to discuss: like the 857,342 discussions of Castillo vs Church for the #2 hole.

Let's allow the Yankees and Red Sox bloggers and the national media to run this story into the ground all year long while we talk about the Mets.

We can test positive for spheroids as well.

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Reyes/Wright Fan said...

I'm with you on this--totally sick of this story already.

It's like the salem witch trials.

In other words--yawn.

Go Mets!

Anonymous said...


All Mets writers should take this view of ARod. Yes it's fun to rag on a Yankee, but enough already.

Dave Singer said...

Thanks...been out all day so I couldn't respond earlier.

My thoughts are this: we will hear a TON about this all year, ad for Mets bloggers, 48 hours of this was enough.

Let's move on.....

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