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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Around the Horn

Bobby Abreu: Forget Manny--Abreu can be had for $4-5M a year, probably for 2 years. I think it's insane that the Mets don't bring him in for that money, even if it's as a 4th outfielder/PH/insurance.

Orlando Hudson: Another "Winter of 2008 shocker"...how does he not have a job yet? You'd think a team like the Cubs or even the Yankees would be all over him. Do the Yanks really want another crap year from Robinson Cano when they could have Hudson as the best utility guy in the game? I think he would do a one-year deal with the Yanks to get a ring and then re-enter the FA market next year.

Andruw Jones:
Word on the street is the Rangers are about to sign him to a $500K minor league deal with another $1M if he makes the big club and plays a certain amount of games. Unreal how the mighty have fallen. More on the Rangers interest here.

Mark Mulder: Another "used to be"...still not sure who he's going to camp with, but I would bet it's the Giants, A's or Nationals. He is a perfect fit for the A's or Nats if even remotely healthy.

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