NY Sports Dog: DC Radio Somewhat Perplexed at the Dunn Deal

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DC Radio Somewhat Perplexed at the Dunn Deal

It's funny, millions of Mets fans wanted to Dunn, millions didn't.

But listening to the radio in DC, one thing is clear....Nats fans don't know what to think of their new two-year slugger.

The team is stacked with corner outfielders...stacked...loaded. It's the one position they need to upgrade least.

That said, they also finished 28th in HRs and Runs Scored, so his offense will certainly help.

So while they like the HR potential, worry is already in the air, and the Nats will more than likely move two outfielders prior to opening day.

I'll have more of the local reaction up as news comes in, but one thing is clear...the Mets need to actively look to the Nats as a trading partner once again...welcome home Lastings?

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JK said...

You're right, they have too may outfielders.


I wouldn't mind getting Kearns for a prospect.

Dave Singer said...

I would rather have Josh Willingham...good hitter, nice OPS+, bats righty.

Lawyer in DC said...

I'm with you, Dave. Either way, though, the Nats are positioned to be dealers at the break when they are 10 games back - luckily, they will have some pieces to deal to anyone that needs an OF bat.

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