NY Sports Dog: Weather Update: Tarp Coming Off

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weather Update: Tarp Coming Off

For those wondering, the tarp is coming off, and the Mets and Astros will get underway in about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile please take a look at the outfit I am trying to get my wife to wear on our 23rd anniversary next week.

My take, "honey you will look Stunning!"

Her answer, "I'll wear the sunglasses."

Win some, lose some...sigh.
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DyHrdMET said...

I'm catching up on my reading...this attempt at a game was a joke. I was there. There were clouds coming in. The tarp went on and off, and all there was was just a few rain droplets (you could count them). all of that during the supposed Batting Practice time. They held the tarp on the field for about 45 minutes past game time during a cloud delay (I'm guessing they wanted a heavy shower to pass and then start the game), then took it off, got ready to play, and as the umpires came out, it started raining. didn't stop until I got back to Vero Beach. No game. Very lame on Houston's (or the ballpark's) part. We could have seen 3 innings had they not waited for what radar maps showed was coming.

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