NY Sports Dog: Good Morning Mets Fans!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Morning Mets Fans!

Well amigos, we are almost there.

Almost ready to head north.

Almost ready to start the season.

Almost ready for real baseball to begin.

Oh sure, there are a few questions left, foremost among them who will win the 25th spot, and will Jose Reyes be in the lineup for the opener, but we're close.

As the Daily News points out, Omar Minaya is still not ruling out Jose for Opening Day.

We're so lucky as Mets fans because of the veritable plethora of reading material on any given day.

My friend Greg Spira sent me a copy of the 2010 Maple Street Press Mets Annual, and once again, he and Matt Silverman have hit a home run.

This year's Annual features:
  • Pitch-by-pitch scouting reports, with information provided by Inside Edge, that detail what to expect from Mets hitters and pitchers.
  • A look at the rest of the NL and how the Mets can get back to the playoffs.
  • A reason for hope: Jason Bay arrives at Citi.
  • A thorough review of Citi Field's first year from its best and worst moments, to a season review from the park itself.
  • There's no doubt the Mets suffered more than their fair share of injuries in 2009, but who is to blame and what can be done?
  • An in-depth interview with Adam Wogan, Mets director of minor league personnel.
  • The most complete review of the Mets farm system available anywhere, including the top ten pitching and position prospects, the 2009 draft, a feature on first base prospect Ike Davis, and all the minor league stats fit to print.
  • A look back at Mets history, from Dwight Gooden's amazin' 1985 to the Mets Team of the Decade, position by position.
I loved the piece they did on us blogger types, and want to say a quick thank you for the shout out.  Trust me amigos, for $12.99 you will not find a better bargain or a better read.

In other reading, Patrick Flood has a long piece about his trip to Port St Lucie, and it's a gem.

Metsradamus, easily the funniest Mets blogger, has a great piece this morning clearly placing blame for everything and anything on the broad shoulders of Oliver Perez.

Finally, Toby Hyde, who does yeoman's work covering the Mets Minors, tells us about the Mets #5 prospect, Josh Thole.

Enjoy your coffee!
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