NY Sports Dog: Happy St Patrick's Day Mets Fans

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day Mets Fans

Lots of great reading this morning.

Ya know, many of us were aghast at the Jeff Francoeur signing, but he is a really hard guy not to like.

The wonderful and talented Marty Noble has a great piece on Frenchy's arm over at Mets.com. It's an in-depth write-up, and I really enjoyed it.

We keep hearing different opinions on what will actually happen to Fernando Martinez this year, but I for one would like to see him start with the big club and split time with Angel Pagan until Beltran gets back. Just tell F-Mart that's the deal--you're here for about a month, enjoy yourself, play some ball, and then go to Buffalo until we need you. My pals at Amazin Avenue have him pegged for the minors on their Make the Mets-O-Meter, and they're probably right.

Kevin Kernan has a story over at the NY Post about how David Wright has to prove he's over the 2009 beaning. It's a pretty tired topic, but it's well-written and he makes some solid points. E for effort Kevin.

Dave Doyle at the Mets Report is saying what a lot of Mets fans feel--Jenrry Mejia should make the team. Although I am salivating at the kid's stuff, I actually disagree with Dave on this one.

My buds at Hot Foot question the Alex Cora signing...again, something of a tired topic, but you can't argue with what they write. Was it truly a mistake? Survey says....I'm not sure.

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever asks about Pat Misch, specifically why the club is so quiet on him despite some success, his age, and his cheapness....it's a good question.

Oh, and about that artist rendering in the picture...if anyone sees that guy let me know immediately....I could use the gold.

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Mack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave Singer said...


If you care, please look back over my blog for the past few years.

I started something called "Good Morning Mets Fans", which was a simple daily shoutout to what the Mets did, and links to what other bloggers were writing.

You are not original, so to suddnely proclaim anything you do other than the minor league report is original is not accurate...MetsBlog has been linking other blogs for years, as does Amazin Avenue, as does basically every other blogger out there....I get linked all the tie from my friends and it's a pleasure to link back.

None of us write original content every day--when we give "shout outs" to each other it's a sign of respect and an acknowledgement for the small band of brothers that exists in the blogosphere.

Again, please go back years on my blog to see that I have done this for a long, long time...I rarely do it in the off-season, but once the games start, I do it once a week (or more)...I hope it helps drive traffic and readership to my friends.


Mack said...

you forgot to put the title of this here...

when you just sent it to me as a private emai... it said:


I apologize and trust me, I will not bother you again.


Dave Singer said...

I started my blog before I had a clue who you were--I've always linked other stories and blogs I liked--and now you run around saying everyone is "copying me" because you decided a few months ago to sit in your house all day linking other stories instead of writing original content.

Yup, get over yourself...the only original content you have now is sad pleas for money again and again and again.

Good luck with that.

Mack said...

you're a cruel man...

please give me an email address so I can return your $100 donation

good luck in the future, both on your job, and in Met-land


Dave Singer said...

Give it to another bum.

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