NY Sports Dog: The Importance of Niese

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Importance of Niese

We've wrung our hands all winter about Ollie, Big Pelf, Maine, and Johan, but the simple fact is that those are four pitchers who will comprise 80% of the Mets starting rotation.

It's the other 20% that's the real uncertainty.

Sure, the first four have question marks, especially Perez and Maine, but as long as they are healthy on Opening Day, the are the first four guys in the rotation.

Which brings us back the the SP5 and Jonathan Niese.

The Mets would love for Niese to claim the 5 spot for himself. He is a crafty pitcher with the best curveball in the organization, solid control, and he has worked hard on his cutter to suplement a rather average big-league fastball.

As John Harper reports in the Daily News, Niese looked sharp in his first outing of the year, and Manager Jerry Manuel was suitably impressed.

"Very impressive," said Jerry Manuel. "It was good to see because he's a huge piece (of the puzzle) for me."

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