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Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Young Ha Say Yo!

Tip of the cap to Mike Silva this morning for a little blurb about Korean Mets.

I was fortunate to live in Korea for 5 years of my adult life, and I have to say that they are incredible people with a real joy for life that most Americans don't realize.

Americans tend to think of Koreans as peaceful and docile folks who are overly polite, etc....in other words, the typical Asian stereotype.

The truth of the matter is that Koreans are a physical people from a warring country with many great fighters, a nice little mean streak for any enemy, and a great bit of joy and love for their friends (few friends actually as they are fiercely independent). Their society dates back many thousands of years, they are the most literate people on the planet, regularly finish at the top of the world rankings in education, and have one of the most robust and thriving economies in the world. And....they actually do it the hard way, with some fierce in-fighting, a bit of a controlling government, and a man-a-mano style that breeds competition with each other.

I like this analogy for how I view Asia:

There is a burning building...in the first scenario everyone in the building is Chinese--when they smell the smoke they all get in a line and swiftly leave the building, everyone surviving. In the second scenario all the people are Japanese, they also calmly line up, oldest to youngest, ladies and children before the young men, and swiftly leave the building. In the third scenario they are all Koreans, and when they smell smoke they push and shove and all fight for the exit...the results are not good.

Anyway, thanks to Mike for the video, which I've put below...it is a great one, and I encourage you to watch it.

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Anonymous said...

Greatest Mets video EVER! Thanks dude.

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