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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Am Not Tom Singer

OK, now you're asking, "who the *%$* is Tom Singer?"

Tom Singer writes for mlb.com, and yesterday he gave us his moronic preview of the National League East.

Before we go any further, let's look at Tom Singer's prediction:

Predicted order of finish






Yup, this genius, who somehow gets paid to produce this drivel, is predicting the Mets to finish behind the Washington Nationals.

This is the same Nationals team that finished with the worst record in baseball last year, 59-103.

Here is how Tom defended his picks:
The Nationals will be the most improved team, and not only because after 103 losses they have the most room for improvement. Ivan Rodriguez, Adam Kennedy and Jason Marquis reflect a major facelift, but of most immediate interest is when will the capitol's name be changed to Strasburg?

Meanwhile, the Mets' Medical Mystery Tour appears to be continuing, with Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez among the latest passengers. There is simply too much uncertainty obscuring the Mets' feat of the offseason's biggest free-agent position addition, Jason Bay. He may have a negligible impact on a team which had 27 fewer homers than any other last season.

So I guess the addition of Ivan Rodriguez (73 OPS+ last year), Adam Kennedy (89 OPS+ for his career), and Jason Marquis (league average middle of the rotation starter) somehow vaults those pesky Nats into contention.

And don't get me started on his assertion about Jason Bay, it's just too comical.

I'll tell you what Tom Singer, if you want to put up say, $1,000 right now on your prediction of the Mets finishing last, I will take that bet every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Just drop me a line and it's done.
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