NY Sports Dog: Fernando Martinez Making Noise

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fernando Martinez Making Noise

F-Mart just cranked his second homerun of the day.

Martinez is now 4 for 4 and hit two absolute bombs today.

And now Mike Jacobs just followed with another bomb!

I love Spring Training!


Mack said...

-Hey guys and girls, it's Mack, stepping back from the back breaking world of cutting and pasting...

As all of you know, I put up on this site at least 20 paragraphs a day from articles being written about the Mets. So, I'm sure you'd agree with me that I would have a pretty good feel for what's going on out in Met-land.

I'm sure I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning and find at least ten articles about how Fernando Martinez turned the corner today, or this was the day that was, or Fernando Superstar... or some other silly headline like the Mejia ones the day before.

One pitcher throws four innings of runless fastballs and he's the second coming of Bob Feller.

Or one minor league first baseman hits one grand slam, in spring training, against subs from another team (basically two AAA teams playing each other), and goodbye Lou Gehrig...

A few things I have learned over the years:

1. It is never as bad as it seems and it is never as good as you think

2. The first week of spring training is less than mastubation

3. The Mets haven't had their three top starters even toss an inning yet. Guess what, neither has the other teams... this is sub baseball vs. sub baseball

4. When a pitcher (in the first week of spring training) throws five strikeouts, there's a good chance that three of them were against players that drove across the country only two days prior

5. The Mets do not not need starters that pitch three decent innings. They need starters that pitch seven decent innings.

6. Step away from the screen. Every fan of every team has no idea right now how any other team is doing. Trust me, there are teams hitting the ball better, or pitching the ball faster, than the subs the Mets are using out there (today's pizzaz, which included Jacobs and F-Mart's second homer, were against a 345-year old ex-Met named Tyler Walker).

7. Stay focused. We all know who will play 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF, 6-RP, 4-SP... focus on the fight for SP5, 1B, C, utility, and a couple of relievers...

8. Watch the hype... I even caught myself saying that Jesus Feliciano was 'raking" the ball... trust me, Jesus has never even raked the leaves.

9. Don't get caught up in the batting averages and ERAs of the candidates trying to make the team. One bad outing doesn't blow one pitchers chance of making the team. There is nothing Eddie Kunz can do about his first shit outing. This is especially true about relief pitchers and utility players. A team looks for a specific need (lefty or righty, LOOGY, etc) from a relief pitcher, and the most important thing for a utility player is how many positions can the dude play without making an error.

10. Sit back... relax... it's spring training.


Dave Singer said...

That was weird.

Dave Doyle said...

I love the beginning of spring training too, but I start to hate it at the end. I think that'll change for me this season. I'll be in PSL for the final week watching Santana get tuned up for opening day. Woo hoo!

Mack said...


my comments weren't directed at you or had anything to do with your posting

Sorry if I upset you.


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