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Monday, March 30, 2009

Celebrity Met Fans

Isn't it interesting how many celebrities are Mets fans? It seems as if each game we see someone unexpected at the game in a Mets hat and say "he's a Mets fan?"

While this list is far from complete, it's pretty good, and all of the credit goes to "Fonzy1324" from the great site Mets Refugees for taking the time to put it together and share it with me.


Robert DeNiro
Jerry Seinfeld
Ben Stiller
Chris Rock
Jimmy Kimmel
Jon Stewart
Ray Romano
Matthew Broderick
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Viggo Mortensen
Tim Robbins
Susan Sarandon
Jason Alexander
Glenn Close
Kevin James
Jim Breuer
Charles Grodin
Julia Stiles
Matt Dillon
Kevin Dillon
Hilary Swank
John Leguizamo
Jerry Orbach (RIP)
George Carlin (RIP)
Nell Carter
Ed Burns
Michael Vartan (Alias, One Hour Photo)
Stephen Collins (7th Heaven)
Bradley Whitford (West Wing, Billy Madison)
Hank Azaria
Ellen Barkin
Kamal Ahmed (Jerky Boys)


Julian Casablancas (The Strokes)
Lars Ullrich (Metallica)
Luther Vandross (RIP)
Twisted Sister
Chuck D
DJ Clue
Adam Horowitz (Beastie Boys)
George Thorogood
Cyndi Lauper
JoJo Hermann (Widespread Panic)
Robert Randolph
Pearl Bailey (late jazz singer)
Yo La Tengo

TV/Radio Personalities:

Bill O'Reilly
Kelly Ripa
John Oliver (Daily Show)
Howard Stern/Robin Quivers/Gary Dell'Abate
Linda Cohn
Steve Somers
Joe Benigno
Sid Rosenberg
Mike Breen
Gary Cohen
Howie Rose
Richard Neer
Ian Eagle
Gene Shalit


Harper Lee
Paul Auster
P.G. Wodehouse


Richard Nixon
David Paterson
Chief Justice Earl Warren
Joe Klein
Carol Bellamy
Anthony Weiner

Sports World (claimed to root for the Mets in their formative years):

David Wright
Paul LoDuca
Willie Randolph
Al Leiter
John Franco
Doug Mientkiewicz
Alex Rodriguez
Gary Sheffield
JC Romero
Lee Mazzilli
Bobby Bonilla
Bobby Valentine
Steve Karsay
Rich Aurilia
Jon Daniels (Texas Rangers GM)
Stuart Sternberg (Rays principal owner)
Jeff Van Gundy
Chris Mullin
Tom Gugliotta
Tim Thomas
Ron Artest
Boomer Esiason
Dwight Freeney
Dallas Clark
Keith Bulluck
Gary Bettman (NHL commish)
John McEnroe
James Blake
Sarah Hughes (figure skater)
Mick Foley (WWE)

And then there is Spiderman--yes, Spiderman is a Mets fan:

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caryn said...

How could you leave Ian Hunter off the musicians' list??

caryn said...

How could you leave Ian Hunter off the musicians' list??

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly (ugh, really, WTF)
Richard Nixon (OMG, again OMG)

Hilary Swank (I thought I hear during the broadcast, last season, she was a Phillies Fans?)

John Leguizamo (got 2 be a yankees fan)

Anonymous said...

Glenn Close & Hilary Swank... what did the Mets corner the market for women who lock like men?

Dave Singer said...

I personally think Hilary Swank is hot!

Chuck Rothman said...

Peter David -- author

Dave Singer said...

Excellent additions!

Anonymous said...

Music - Big L (Rest in Peace)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure marc anthony is a mets fan

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Iovine (Co-founder of Interscope records, acclaimed producer)

Jim Kramer (Mad Money)

John Halama (Ex-Major League SP, Mariners)

Chris Booker (Radio personality/ DJ)

Stephen Colbert (Colbert Report)

Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live)

Brian Setzer - (musician)

Dave Singer said...


Thanks for the additions...Colbert baby!

Mike said...

(nerd voice)Uhh... Mick Foley's now in TNA, the rivals of the afore-mentioned WWE(end nerd voice)

To the genius above - Jim Cramer's actually a die-hard Philly's fan.

Tom said...

Isn't bill mazer a big mets fan? I remember him singing a celebratory version of Beethoven's ninth when the Mets won the WS in '86.

I am surprised that Mientkiewiz was a Mets fan. Didn't he grow up in Florida with A-Rod? Also, I thought Mazilli grew up a Yankees fan, but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Howard Stern & Robin Quivers are definitely not Mets fans .. Neither of them are sports fans at all and in fat, Howard Stern usually joins in with Artie Lange (a Yanks fan) in referencing the Mets as, um, effeminate. Gary "Bababooey" Dell'Abate is definitely a Mets fan though.

Alzairen Jones said...

Ray Romano is not a Mets fan. This link from him at the NBA Finals last year has him saying he is a Yankees Fan.


Dave Singer said...

Here's Ray at a Mets game...he is allegedly both a Mets and yanks fan.


Dave Singer said...

From his Bio:

"Romano is an avid fan of both baseball's New York Mets and football's New York Jets. He and his sons are often seen at the games."

Anonymous said...

Page McConnell of Phish is also a Met fan...

Anonymous said...

You forgot Adam Sandler and Chris Rock!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot Matt Cerrone (he thinks hes a celebrity)

Anonymous said...

Sanders is a Yanks fan. Notice in his movies the Mets fans and the Red Sox fans are usually bad guys.

Anonymous said...

Meant Sandler not Sanders... LOL

Thomas said...

Tazz of WWE and ECW fame is a big time Mets fan as well.

Anonymous said...

No (RIP) for Nell Carter?

George Bush Sr is/was a Mets fan. He threw out the First Pitch at Shea a couple times as VP and is tight with the Wilpons.

Anonymous said...

I believe you forgot Michael Piekarski -famed sports writer.

Roberto said...

Richard Neer is a Mets fan? Really?
Everytime I listen to him, he refuses to say which team he roots for, because he said it is not important.
Also, I always thought he was a Cardinals fans.

Roberto said...

Richard Neer is a Mets fan? He always refuses to state which team he roots for.
Anyway, I always thought he was a Cardinals fan.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot Adam Sandler and Chris Rock!!

April 1, 2009 9:20:00 PM EDT"

sandler is a yankee fan. and rock is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Keith Olbermann is a mets fan.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann's actually a Yankee fan.

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