NY Sports Dog: Santana Grounded

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Santana Grounded

Apparently Johan Santana's flight was canceled because of the big snowstorm sweeping across the northeast...he'll get a good night's rest tonight and try again tomorrow..

I just hope his confidence stays high. The guy is a thoroughbred, and this injury is the last thing he wants right now.

In my totally unprofessional opinion he is going to be fine. With that type of injury, rest is actually exactly what's needed, which is why it was something of a surprise that the Mets even let him throw today prior to seeing a specialist.

Hopefully the good news follows over the next few says.

UPDATE: Santana feels good enough that he has canceled his trip to New York.

While this is certainly good news, I hope the Mets, and Santana, aren't being overly optimistic. That said, Santana knows that golden arm better than anyone.

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