NY Sports Dog: Santana: What Does the Day After Bring?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Santana: What Does the Day After Bring?

Yesterday we posted the video of Johan Santana's BP session.

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By all accounts, it went very well for the Met's Ace.

Santana himself believes by slowing things down a bit, he can heal and regain the good feeling in his elbow.

"That was the smartest thing to do -- back off a little bit, take a couple of days off and let the arm get together," Santana said. "As of right now, you guys saw how I threw my bullpen. I didn't feel anything at all. I felt fine."

In my opinion he should still see a specialist to rule out any long-term health worries, get an approved throwing/exercise regimen, and go through a professionally monitored program that brings him back to full strength....this doesn't belong in the realm of pitcher and coach, but rather in the hands of medical professionals.

We'll know more soon....keep your finger's crossed.

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