NY Sports Dog: Mets Morning Ramblings: Plus a MLBN Blooper

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mets Morning Ramblings: Plus a MLBN Blooper

It sure has been a crazy beginning to the Mets 2009, and really, a crazy start to 2009 in general.

Freddy Garcia is one or two more bad appearances away from being a non-player on the big club.

Livan Hernandez, a mere afterthought, actually has a chance to be the #5 starter at this point, which is just maddening given his propensity to pitch like crap once the season actually starts.

Daniel Murphy was handed the leftfield job without competition in camp.

Johan Santana is off-schedule, and he and Dan Warthen appear to have a less than perfect relationship.

And yes, my friends, I cannot stand the World Baseball Classic.

The WBC annoys me.

There, I said it--sue me--it sucks, and the fact that it costs the Mets the ST services of so many players is worrisome.

One, I don't want our superstar players getting hurt for "National Pride".

Puerto Rico--I love ya...great place, great people, great beaches, great food--absolutely. But I could care less if you won the WBC.

Dominican? Never been there, but I've heard it's heaven for a baseball fan...non-stop baseball 24 hours a day. But yea, I don't care about your WBC dreams either. Sorry amigos.

If it is in fact true that Johan Santana tweaked his arm preparing to start for Team Venezuela, I will probably not watch a single inning of this year's "classic" out of pure spite.

Even Team USA. OK, I spent my life in the military, hang a flag outside my house every day, and I love the red, white and blue. But will the USA winning the WBC mean a hill of beans to this old Vet? Nope...really could care less.

What I want is this--a fun Spring Training, a bit of competition, a time to get guys in great physical and mental shape, and a chance for the players to bond and work on their defense, new pitches, etc.

I want the Mets to emerge from spring training a cohesively bonded band of brothers. A group ready to play and put everything on the line to bring home a World Seried banner for our new park.

In short, the WBC is messing with our Mets Mojo, and I don't like it one bit.

Am I in a panic? No, a panic is someone like this lady, who called 911 three times because McDonald's ran out of McNuggets.

I am just "concerned", but thankfully the MLB Network provided me with a chuckle over my morning coffee.

Here's a little blooper from the aforementioned MLB Network. Be warned, they drop a live "eff bomb" on-air, so don't run it if you're in a place where that kind of thing is frowned upon. It is a very funny clip.

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Anonymous said...


DyHrdMET said...

I am sitting in my Shea seats falling over with laughter at that clip. I could have sworn I watched that part of the show and heard nothing bad.

Dave Singer said...

It's a classic.

BTW--my life's biggest regret #37: not buying Shea seats.

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