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Monday, March 9, 2009

In Case You're Wondering...

In between 378 stories about so and so's balky left knee or what's his name's 82 mph fastball, I would like to give you hope. Yes, I said hope.

It's Spring Training--every single little ache and pain is being magnified, every fat curveball is written as proof positive of a guy's inability to get anyone out.

But I offer hope, and why you ask? It is simple--we see this every year, but seem to forget year's past as baseball has a strange way of erasing our memories as each season begins anew.

So, with that said, I give you the following:

  • 25 days until the first exhibition game at Citi Field: April 3, 2009
  • 28 days until Opening Day: April 6, 2009
  • 35 days until the home opener at Citi Field: April 13, 2009
Yes, there is time...

Time for the 16 current Mets to come back from the WBC so we can be a team again.

Time for Tim Redding to get his arm back in shape for his role as a long reliever/spot starter.

Time for Freddy Garcia to amp that fastball up enough to get major league hitters out with "5th starter consistency".

Time for our bench spots to get finalized...Marlon? Kielty? Nervous Nick?

Time for our bullpen to solidify...will Duaner make the team?

So enjoy this...the tension you're feeling now is just a prelude to a long, wild ride...enjoy the journey amigos, cause it's not all about the destination--if it were, we'd all just shut down until September.

Something tells me 2009 is going to go down as one of the great seasons in Met history...it has that feel.

Remember this: Johan Santana, KRod, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Mike Pelfrey, JJ Putz, Ryan Church, Daniel Murphy, Oliver Perez, etc, etc, etc.
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