NY Sports Dog: Philly Fans Try to Wage War...On Our Turf

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Philly Fans Try to Wage War...On Our Turf

The headline reads, "Your chance to invade NY to boo the Mets, cheer the Phils", courtesy of NBC Philadelphia.

What they are doing is giving their Philly fans the Mets pre-sale password.

The "article" reads as follows:

Phillies fans now have the chance to boo for the home team at the New York Mets new stomping grounds.

Philly sports blog site The700Level.com posted the presale code to buy Phillies vs. Mets tickets for their two-game series in early May.

Here are the details for Phillies fans looking to make the short trip up the New Jersey Turnpike to Citi Field.

* Dates: Wednesday May 6 and Thursday May 7
* Presale Keyword: "REYES" (The code works -- we tried it out)
* For sale at Mets.com

The tickets might cost less than the gas to get there -- the Mets are advertising "tickets starting at $11."

So get out there Phillies fans and wear your red.
Yes, those that support the World Series champs have to resort to bush league tactics.

My question is this: if all those Philly fans come to NY to watch a game, who is going to be left in charge of the City of Brotherly Love's manure pile?
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MikeS said...

This is just Philly being Philly. From the poll they had asking which Mets collapse was the worst Mets collapse to this garbage, it is a wonder they are even smart enough to use computers.

We'll have the last laugh when we DON'T collapse this year and the Phillies are left looking up at the best team in the NL.

Dave Singer said...

No doubt Mike...I actually think it's funny, and we do the same thing.

I really just wanted to use that "manure pile" line!

Dan Asnis said...

REYES is not the presale password. the password is KROD. Either way their ticket orders stand of high probability of being canceled since they don't have Mets season tickets or a ticket plan linked to their names.

Dave Singer said...

There were three passwords, REYES, KROD and WRIGHT.

Bottom line is the Mets, at this point, just want to sell tickets.

And really who can blame them...let's have a full house every game as it helps the team's spending power.

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