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Sunday, March 22, 2009

When Players Get it Wright

I'm a military man--21 years, a lot of time away from home, and a 60% disability.

I wouldn't trade those years for anything--people talk about sacrifice, but to the men and women of the armed forces, it is anything but--it is an honor and a privilege.

You hear the guys in the WBC brag about a few weeks of wearing "USA" on their baseball uniform, and how good it makes them feel--and it should...but the men and women of the military do it one better...they get to wear USA on their uniform every day...it means a lot.

I read about Sgt Felix Perez the other day...he is a baseball fan, and he went to the WBC to see his countrymen play for a nation's honor.

Sgt Perez brought a flag to the game--it was given to him by his unit, the famed 82nd Airborne.

Sgt Perez can no longer walk because of injuries suffered in the war, but Sgt Perez can wave a flag.

When the United States beat Puerto Rico in the thrilling come from behind victory, Sgt Perez was waving his flag.

As the players piled into the clubhouse Sgt Perez was allowed in by a patriotic guard.

The players rejoiced with him, supported him, and signed the flag--all the players...then they chatted and chatted and chatted...finally Sgt Perez had to leave.

David Wright found out Sgt Perez was a Mets fan...he also found a way to say thank you to Sgt Perez...with a plane ticket to Los Angeles and tickets to tonight's game.

I hope he brings the flag.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great job by DW.

His Dad is a policeman, and you can just tell the values were passed down.

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