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Monday, August 4, 2008

Val Pascucci: Not the Answer

I read with amusement Tim Marchman's article on the Mets "Outfield Solution", an article that appeared two weeks ago and still has uninformed Mets fans buzzing.

"Pascucci! He's our answer," they say when shown his overly inflated minor league stats in the PCL.

So what about Val Pascucci, Tim Marchman's purported Mets savior? How good is this guy? How good can he be with the Mets?

He has a solid .980 OPS in the PCL, which led to a Marchman translation of an .850 OPS in the big leagues (saying it is a Baseball Prospectus number).

Marchman said Pascucci "can be our Vlad Guerrero!"

Aint gonna happen folks, and here's why...

The PCL, for the uninformed, is the hitting haven for mid-20s to mid 30s has been's, or never will be's.

Take a look at the top 20 players, sorted by OPS--you'll find Pascucci in there.

Nelson CruzOKLRF993669312617337982605684248.434.710.3441.144
Dallas McPhersonALB3B10335978106153398624467131136.405.680.2951.085
Jamie D'AntonaTUC3B92343581263111767210245300.407.612.3671.019
Josh WhitesellTUC1B1073967113029021862226011312.424.561.328.985
Valentino PascucciNOZRF8931162891502465176648530.411.566.286.977
Terry TiffeeLVG3B8736369136373862203273902.415.559.375.974
Matthew BrownSLC3B93384741253242167228307442.377.594.326.971
Brian MyrowPOR1B8729956972111053150716301.455.502.324.957
Brandon WoodSLC3B7931568911722561187298343.354.594.289.948
Scott McClainFRE1B111394761203112285219567852.389.556.305.945
Chip AmbresPORCF8632271952551764181416882.377.562.295.939
Chris AguilaNOZOF92329589714123591824279103.380.553.295.934
Nate SchierholtzFREOF883315810420101565189214592.360.571.314.931
John LindseyLVG1B107398681223112084215446400.387.540.307.928
Tug HulettTAC2B87324709922514471734770105.386.534.306.920
Victor DiazTACOF1003675210629022882014612373.371.548.289.919
Freddy SandovalSLC3B105419721403521472221426363.391.527.334.919
Andres TorresIOWOF95321719724611421664884163.397.517.302.914
John-Ford GriffinLVGLF9431956991941467168366011.386.527.310.912
Joe KoshanskyCSP1B94352589631222881974212510.351.560.273.910

The average age of those players is 27. Moreover, many have major league experience, and for the most part, they have been putrid in the big leagues.

To whit:

27-year old Nelson Cruz, a PCL superstar and the likely PCL MVP, has a major league OBP of .282 in 442 at-bats with 119 Ks. He has a .434 OBP in the PCL.

27-year old Dallas McPherson, PCL slugger extraordinaire, has a major league OBP of .294 in 360 at-bats with 121 Ks. He has a .409 OBP in the PCL.

Remember Victor Diaz? He is now a PCL superstar, but in the big leagues he had a .309 OBP in 446 at-bats with 135 Ks. He has a .370 OBP in the PCL.

Chip Ambres? PCL superstar. ...he currently has a .371 OBP in the PCL with solid power numbers. In the big leagues he hit .230 with 104 Ks in 418 at-bats.

So yeah Marchman, how do the numbers for the players above tranlate to the big leagues, and why has no one put the numbers up when they get the call?

Anyway, next time you feel like blowing smoke up the collective rear ends of Met Nation, please do a little more homework.

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