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Friday, August 29, 2008

Mets Friday Ramblings

At what point do the Mets remove the interim tag from Jerry Manuel?

Billy Wagner will come back, but as long as the Mets are winning with Ayala at closer, I say let the man get a little more time than he really needs. Mark Sep 20th on your calenders.

The talk of Carlos Delgado for MVP is great, and if there was a second half MVP he'd win by a mile. That said, he is about a top 10 guy right now and won't win it.

Delgado is 6th in home runs and RBIs in the NL.

Anyone else feel like Tatis, Beltran and Church should get the outfield starts from here on out with just occasional starts by the kids? I know they are a feel good story and all, but the vets give me a lot more day to day confidence.

Mike Pelfrey may not have Joba Chamberlain's "stuff", but he is going to have a better career. His body type and arm slot lend itself to success and physical health. Joba? Not so much.

Mike Pelfrey vs Jon Lester is a good discussion---they were born one week apart.

I still can't decide if my favorite Met is David Wright or Jose Reyes.

Carlos Beltran is hitting .306 in August, and though he's been fairly steady all year production-wise, he hasn't had that great month. I think September is gonna be that month.

Our schedule after this road trip is very, very favorable...memo to the Mets, time to put the pedal down hard against the Fish and Brewers.

We won't see CC Sabathia next week--advantage Mets.

We're 1 game up on the Phils and there is a real chance we extend that lead this weekend.

If you can't wait until tonight's game, feel all antsy and excited and lack "work focus", then you are enjoying this pennant race.

Aren't you glad you're a Mets fan and not a Yankees fan?

Are Mets fans more inclined to be Giants or Jets fans? I really don't care, but someone asked me. I'm a diehard Giants fan.

Random stat of the day: Carlos Delgado has been hit by a pitch the 13th most times in the history of baseball. I bet you didn't know that.

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